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Every view except for the Trade View contains a filter toolbox.




Filter Toolbox consists of two parts. One is for date filtering and the other is for predefined filters which contain a lot of filter options except for date filtering.


Date filtering


The first is combo box for predefined date filters.

The following filters are defined:

    All Dates           - no date filtering

    Last Week        - the last week starting from Sunday

    Current Week   - the current week starting from Sunday

    One Week        - a 7 day time frame ending today

    Last Month        - the last month starting from the first day of the previous month

    Current Month   - the actual month

    One Month        - a month time frame ending today

    Last Year          - the previous year

    Current Year     - the actual year

    One Year          - a year time frame ending today

    Custom             - you can set up a custom time frame using the start and the end date selectors


Date filter mode

       Entry Date         - the date filtering refers to the entry date of positions

       Exit Date            - the date filtering refers to the exit date of positions




As mentioned above the second part is the predefined filters which consist of a combo box and a button.

The combo box contains the Filters (predefined and user defined) and the button is for view or setup of the selected filter.

For detailed information about predefined filters see the Filter Principles and the Filter Manager sections.


In the filter combo box the last element is always the <Add New Filter...> element which shows the Filter Manager and starts the Create Filter process.


Pressing the Modify Filter button the Modify Filter process starts.


warning Only user defined filters can be modified.