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Navigator window


The Navigator window contains a tree view with which you can reach the functions of TradingDiary Pro. To open a leaf double click on it. Double click on any function within the leaf.



With the help of the elements under Views you can open different views.

oInstruments - all instrument related views

All - this view contains all instruments

Benchmarks - shows benchmarks instruments only

Watchlist         - shows watchlist instruments only



Performance - shows the performance window

Time of open positions - shows the time length of open positions


Equity history - shows the Total Equity curve

Equity gain or loss - shows the equity gain or loss report

Leverage - shows the leverage report

Drawdown - shows the drawdown report

Profit and loss

Cumulative - shows the profit/loss cumulative report

Distribution - shows the profit/loss distribution report

Time distribution - shows the P&L time distribution report

Filter distribution - shows the Filter distribution report


Positions to total equity - shows the positions to total equity chart

Positions to each other - shows the positions to each other chart


Analysis - shows the risk analysis report

R Multiple distribution - shows the R Multiple distribution report

R Multiple cumulative - shows the $ Multiple cumulative report


Capital gains - shows the capital gains tax report