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Login to the WebBorker.


Go to the 'Szamlamozgasok/Ertekpapirforgalmi naplo' page. Select the date range and tick the 'Arfolyamok' check box and press the Excel CSV. A file dialog appears. Save your statement. For example into the Documents/Equitas_Statements/ directory.


Go back to TradingDiary Pro. Set Equitas as the import module. For detailed information read the Import Introduction chapter.


Click on the 'Import/Import - Equitas' menu. A file dialog appears. Select the previously saved html report and click on Open.


You are done. Now you can see the import manager which shows the number of the imported elements.


Please note Equitas does not provide total equity history values. You should add an initial deposit and then generate the total equity values based on the historical prices.