Cash transactions

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Cash transactions

You can add total equity history elements in bulk using comma separated files (csv).There is a Transactions.xls template file under the Program Files\Sword Tech\TradingDiary Pro\CSVExamples directory.

Click on the Cash transactions tab and fill in the template with your cash transactions elements and then save as a CSV file.

Set 'Excel CSV Importer' as import module. For detailed information read the Import Introduction chapter.


Click on the 'Import/Import - Excel CSV Importer' menu. A file dialog appears. Select the previously saved csv file and click on Open.


You are done. Now you can see the import manager which shows the number of imported elements.


Description of the columns:


1.Date                Date of the cash transaction element (obligatory)

2.Value                Total equity value at the end of the day (obligatory)

3.Transaction Type        Type of the transaction. Possible values are: deposit, withdraw, tax, swap, dividend, paymentinlieudividend, otherfee, interest, interestpaid, interestreceived (obligatory)

4.Description                Description of the transaction (optional)

5.Currency                ISO currency symbol of the traction. Optional, if empty base currency is used

6.Conversion rate        Conversion rate to base currency, used only if the base currency differs from the currency of the transaction