Cash transactions

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Cash transactions

The Cash Transaction list is to store such elements which are not directly connected to the core of the trading. For example deposits and withdrawals, dividends, payment in lieu of dividends, interest received and paid and other fees such as real time data fee etc.

The cash transactions can be bound to positions. This modifies the Net Profit of the position and can be seen in the Offset column of the position.




The columns of the grid:


Column name

Default visibility

Note / Description



The date of the transaction element



You can leave comments of the transaction

Transaction Type


You can select type of the transaction. Possible values are: deposit, withdrawal, interest paid, interest received, dividend, payment in lieu of dividend, other fee, tax, swap



Value of the transaction in the currency of the transaction



Currency of the transaction

Conversion Rate


The conversion rate between the currency of the transaction and the base currency

Bound to Position


Cash transaction element is given to the selected position

Value In Base


Value of the transaction in the base currency


Bound to position

A cash transaction element can be bound to a position. The bind cash transaction element modifies the Net Profit and Net Profit in Base fields of the position. To bind a cash transaction element to a position please click on the small arrow of the cell. A look up grid is shown, select the appropriate position from the grid.




Context Menu (right click on the grid):


Print                - prints the contents of the grid


Print preview        - shows the print preview window


Apply template        - sets a previously saved template for the grid


Delete template        - deletes a saved template


Save template        - saves a template


Export to        - exports the grid content to several file formats (html, excel, pdf, rtf, text)