Licensing, how to buy

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Licensing, how to buy

TradingDiary Pro has a special licensing system. It consists of two parts. The first part is a one-time fee($149) when you purchase the software. The second one is an annual upgrade and support fee($49).

How it works. When you buy the software you get the latest version of  the software and 1 year support and upgrade subscription. If your subscription has expired then you are not licensed to use the newer versions of the software. If you install a newer version then the software shows you a download link to the latest version which you can use. If you buy the annual support and upgrade license than you can use the software and get updates for another year.

You can ask why we have annual upgrade and support fee. The answer is that the brokerage firms change their statement format without prior notice so it needs continuous support.


You can buy the software from our web site.