Forex position assignment methods

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Forex position assignment methods

There are two Forex and CFD position sorting methods:


Regular Forex position assignment method - the new position can only be created when the previous position with the same ticker is totally closed. For example: buy 1 lot(100,000) EUR.USD and buy 0.5 lot (50,000) EUR.USD again and then sell 0.5 lot EUR.USD and then 1 lot EUR.USD. These four trades are assigned to one position with four trades.


FX Forex position assignment method - In this case a position consists of only 2 trades. An open trade and a close one. For FX assignment method the open transaction ID must be set and the quantity for the open and close trade must be equal. This assignment method is typically used by the forex brokers like brokers which use MetaTrader 4 as a trading platform.